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            Ungulates of the World
            Species fact sheets
            Ungulates account for the vast majority of large herbivores currently on earth. Their influence stretches across nearly every biome, and their indigenous range includes all zoogeographic regions except Antarctica. With human help, ungulates have expanded into nearly every corner of the globe: "Ungulates of the World" indeed! The species list (below) originates from that published by Wilson and Reeder (2005), although several changes and additions have been made to reflect our current understanding of ungulate taxonomy (as per IUCN, 2010). Since species-concepts are flexible, some species recognized by other authors may not be listed here. Detailed fact sheets for individual species can be accessed by clicking on the linked species names.

            In 2011, the classification of hoofed mammals received a massive revision,
            with over 450 distinct ungulate species recognized.
            See the results of Ungulate Taxonomy by Groves and Grubb here!


            Did you know?

            257 modern ungulate species are presently recognized by the Smithsonian Institution.  At least five of these species have become extinct over the past 300 years at the hands of humans, and many more are on the brink.


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            Family Tree

            Family Equidae
            Equus africanus African wild ass (wild form of the domestic donkey, Equus asinus)
            Equus ferus Wild horse (wild form of the domestic horse, Equus caballus)
            Equus grevyi Grevy's zebra
            Equus hemionus Asiatic wild ass, kulan
            Equus kiang Kiang, Tibetan wild ass
            Equus quagga Plains zebra
            Equus zebra Mountain zebra
            Family Tapiridae
            Ceratotherium simum White rhinoceros
            Diceros bicornis Black rhinoceros
            Rhinoceros sondaicus Javan rhinoceros
            Rhinoceros unicornis Indian rhinoceros
            Order Artiodactyla
            Family Camelidae
            Camelus ferus Bactrian camel (wild form of the domestic Bactrian camel, Camelus bactrianus)
            Camelus dromedarius Dromedary, Arabian camel
            Lama guanicoe Guanaco (wild form of the domestic llama, Lama glama)
            Vicugna vicugna Vicuña (wild form of the domestic alpaca, Vicugna pacos)
            Family Suidae
            Phacochoerus aethiopicus Desert warthog
            Phacochoerus africanus Common warthog
            Family Tayassuidae
            Suborder Ruminantia
            Family Tragulidae
            Family Giraffidae
            Giraffa camelopardalis Giraffe
            Family Moschidae
            Moschus anhuiensis Anhui musk deer
            Moschus berezovskii Forest musk deer
            Moschus chrysogaster Himalayan musk deer
            Moschus cupreus Kashmir musk deer
            Moschus fuscus Black musk deer
            Moschus leucogaster White-bellied musk deer
            Moschus moschiferus Siberian musk deer
            Family Cervidae
            Subfamily Capreolinae
            Alces alces Eurasian elk
            Alces americanus American moose
            Capreolus capreolus European roe deer
            Capreolus pygargus Siberian roe deer
            Mazama americana Red brocket
            Mazama bororo Bororo, small red brocket
            Mazama bricenii Grey dwarf brocket
            Mazama chunyi Dwarf brocket
            Mazama gouazoubira Brown brocket
            Mazama nana Lesser brocket
            Mazama nemorivaga Amazonian brown brocket
            Mazama pandora Yucatan brown brocket
            Mazama rufina Little red brocket
            Mazama temama Mexican red brocket
            Odocoileus hemionus Mule deer
            Odocoileus virginianus White-tailed deer
            Ozotoceros bezoarticus Pampas deer
            Pudu mephistophiles Northern pudu
            Pudu puda Southern pudu
            Subfamily Cervinae
            Cervus elaphus Red deer, wapiti, American elk
            Cervus nippon Sika, Japanese deer
            Dama dama Fallow deer
            Dama mesopotamica Persian fallow deer
            Muntiacus atherodes Bornean yellow muntjac
            Muntiacus crinifrons Black muntjac
            Muntiacus feae Fea's muntjac
            Muntiacus gongshanensis Gongshan muntjac
            Muntiacus montanus Sumatran muntjac
            Muntiacus muntjak Red muntjac
            Muntiacus puhoatensis Pu Hoat muntjac
            Muntiacus putaoensis Leaf deer
            Muntiacus reevesi Reeves's muntjac
            Muntiacus rooseveltorum Roosevelt's muntjac
            Muntiacus truongsonensis Annamite muntjac
            Muntiacus vaginalis Northern red muntjac
            Muntiacus vuquangensis Giant muntjac
            Rusa alfredi Visayan spotted deer
            Rusa marianna Philippine sambar
            Rusa timorensis Rusa
            Rusa unicolor Sambar
            Subfamily Hydropotinae
            Family Bovidae
            Subfamily Aepycerotinae
            Subfamily Alcelaphinae
            Subfamily Antilopinae
            Antidorcas marsupialis Springbok
            Eudorcas albonotata Mongalla gazelle
            Eudorcas rufifrons Red-fronted gazelle
            Eudorcas rufina Red gazelle
            Eudorcas thomsonii Thomson's gazelle
            Gazella arabica Arabian gazelle
            Gazella bennettii Indian gazelle, chinkara
            Gazella bilkis Queen of Sheba's gazelle
            Gazella cuvieri Cuvier's gazelle
            Gazella dorcas Dorcas gazelle
            Gazella gazella Chinkara, mountain gazelle
            Gazella leptoceros Slender-horned gazelle, rhim
            Gazella saudiya Saudi gazelle
            Gazella spekei Speke's gazelle
            Gazella subgutturosa Goitered gazelle
            Madoqua guentheri Guenther's dik-dik
            Madoqua kirkii Kirk's dik-dik
            Madoqua piacentinii Silver dik-dik
            Madoqua saltiana Salt's dik-dik
            Ourebia ourebi Oribi
            Procapra gutturosa Mongolian gazelle, zeren
            Procapra picticaudata Tibetan gazelle, goa
            Procapra przewalskii Przewalski's gazelle
            Raphicerus campestris Steenbok
            Raphicerus melanotis Southern grysbok
            Raphicerus sharpei Northern grysbok
            Subfamily Bovinae
            Bos gaurus Gaur (wild form of the domestic gayal, Bos frontalis)
            Bos javanicus Banteng
            Bos mutus Wild yak (wild form of the domestic yak, Bos grunniens)
            Bos primigenius Aurochs (wild form of domestic cattle, Bos taurus)
            Bos sauveli Kouprey
            Subfamily Caprinae
            Arabitragus jayakari Arabian tahr
            Capra aegagrus Wild goat (wild form of the domestic goat, Capra hircus)
            Capra caucasica West Caucasian tur
            Capra cylindricornis East Caucasian tur
            Capra falconeri Markhor
            Capra ibex Alpine ibex
            Capra nubiana Nubian ibex
            Capra pyrenaica Spanish ibex
            Capra sibirica Siberian ibex
            Capra walie Walia ibex
            Capricornis crispus Japanese serow
            Capricornis milneedwardsii Chinese serow
            Capricornis rubidus Red serow
            Capricornis sumatraensis Southern serow
            Capricornis swinhoei Formosan serow
            Capricornis thar Himalayan serow
            Naemorhedus baileyi Red goral
            Naemorhedus caudatus Long-tailed goral
            Naemorhedus goral Gray goral
            Naemorhedus griseus Chinese goral
            Ovis ammon Argali sheep
            Ovis canadensis Bighorn sheep
            Ovis dalli Dall's sheep
            Ovis nivicola Snow sheep, Siberian bighorn
            Ovis orientalis Urial (wild form of mouflon and domestic sheep, Ovis aries)
            Rupicapra pyrenaica Pyrenean chamois, isard
            Rupicapra rupicapra Alpine chamois
            Subfamily Cephalophinae
            Subfamily Hippotraginae
            Hippotragus equinus Roan antelope
            Hippotragus leucophaeus Blue buck, blaubok
            Hippotragus niger Sable antelope
            Subfamily Reduncinae
            Literature Cited

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            Wilson, D. E., and D. M. Reeder [editors]. 2005.  Mammal Species of the World (3rd Edition).  Johns Hopkins University Press, 2,142 pp. Available online at the Mammal Species of the World website.